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Service and Recycling

The experience gained from 60 years of battery manufacturing, coupled with constant innovation and certification
DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and the use of high quality materials are the guarantee of the quality of Werbat
Despite the exclusive production of the batteries in Germany an expensive service is held.

The battery and charger service directly through mobile service technicians Werbat GmbH

The selection and application of products Werbat SieTechniker advise the company.

All Werbat batteries are designed to safely dispose of products that used recycled or
can be. Old and no longer usable lead-acid batteries are properly disposed of if desired.

Since 1999, lead-acid batteries as hazardous waste have been classified. You may
therefore not be disposed of in household garbage. Werbat batteries are designed to be consumed and not
unwanted batteries can be recycled. By working up by the Werbat GmbH
withdrawn their waste creates a most extensive product recovery.

When the batteries are not taken back by battery manufacturers, is subject to the disposal of a
special verification required!