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Battery Chargers                                                        

Battery chargers are for the life and performance of all batteries is very important.

Unregulated Chargers cause by excessive charging currents resulting from enduring power fluctuations
Battery damage. Therefore, the unregulated chargers with the W-curve controlled are preferable.
It is important that allowed charging currents are not exceeded in the main and gassing.
The following rules apply:

- Unregulated chargers with Wa-characteristic: bulk charging current maximum 12-14A 100 Ah and recharging
(from larger cell voltage 2.4 V) 3-4A per 100Ah battery capacity.

- Chargers with IUIa curve: main charging current maximum of 14-20 A per 100Ah, recharging a maximum of 5 A per 100Ah battery capacity.


For information on capacity, weight and dimensions you can use the download Battery chargers.pdf for Available.

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