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Solar batteries

Photovoltaic and wind turbines are gaining in importance.                                        
With small to medium-sized PV systems can be domestic or
other, electric power consuming equipment such as pump stations,
Surveillance systems to provide lighting, etc. in isolated operation. Condition
for the efficient use and safe supply of such systems without external
Power supply are high quality electric energy storage.
Werbat - Solar batteries are ideal for these applications.
They are safe and easy to maintain. Thanks to many years of experience Werbat -
Engineers in the development of traction batteries, it was possible, powerful and
to produce deep cycle solar batteries with positive tubular plates and their
To demonstrate performance under extreme conditions.
The individual installation of closed cells in PE - Safety makers to highest
Variability to adapt to the individual requirements of users, tailored to
Energy requirements and performance of photovoltaic systems or other alternative
Electricity sources.
Complicated space can be achieved by the modular design of the batteries more effectively.


For information on capacity, weight and dimensions you can use the download Solar batteries.pdf for Available.

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