Contrexx WCMS

Rail vehicle batteries

Batteries for rail vehicles have different requirements                           
needs. The Werbat GmbH met with only in
Germany finished products, the ambitious demands of the
users and backed by ISO 9001:2000 and other
product certification and regular inspections, a uniformly high
quality. To the increased demands of safety and environmental protection
correspond Werbat GmbH developed the system of acid-resistant
welded plastic carrier model for rail vehicle batteries.
Also in the railway sector to determine the current 60-year experience
high level of development. All rail vehicle batteries are
web strength tested by the Deutsche DB AG released for use.

By the Deutsche Bahn AG Werbat Ltd. was a supplier for large batteries and
diesel starter
batteries as "L1-supplier with the individual evaluations Q1 and E1" certified.

For information on capacity, weight and dimensions you can use the download  Rail vehicle batteries.pdf for available.

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